6 Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally Without Makeup

Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally Without Makeup
Written by Brandy Wishart

Taking care of your eyes is very important in this current situation and modern lifestyle.

The exposure of eyes in the polluted environment can result in problems like eye irritation, redness, and dull eyes.

Below I have suggested some natural eye care tips for beautiful eyes without makeup.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy and Beautiful Without Makeup

Follow these easy tips to get natural eye relief and refreshment.

1. Avoid Dark Circles

Exposing sunlight can cause dark circles under the eyes.  If you are going out, wear Sun protective glass, this protects you from eye wrinkle problems.

Exposing sunlight can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Adequate sleep is a must for your eyes otherwise you may get dark circles under eyes. You might also like: 5 Eye Makeup Products That Makes Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

2. Eye Makeup Care

While removing your make-up, use the makeup remover carefully in the eye part.

Wipe your face by using wet cotton from the bottom to the top portion. After removing make-up wash your face in warm water or use Amla soaked water.

Primer and foundation

Keep cotton soaked in cold milk on your eyes, alternatively, you can use potato or cucumber pieces.

You can refresh your tired eyes by keeping a tea bag soaked in warm water on the eyes. These are the best methods for eye refreshment.

3. Avoid  Wrinkles Under Eye

The skin under your eyes is very smooth and tender. Don’t do the actions like dragging and rubbing the skin may cause wrinkles under eyes.

Be careful while doing facial and applying self-face packs. It is not advisable to apply face packs around your eyes.

4. Eye Refreshment

People those who are working at night and sitting in front of a computer should give some refreshment for the eyes, wash your face frequently in cold water and often spraying water in the eye area can reduce the tiredness of the eyes.

avoid watching television and computer at a very close distance

Never wear the specks of others, avoid watching TV at a very close distance. Reading books is a type of exercise for your eyes. Wash your eyes frequently especially after you come back from each step out.

5. Food for Eyes Care

Vitamin A is an eye-friendly Vitamin. Take A vitamin-rich diet such as Spinaches, papaya, milk, avocado and fish in your daily food.  Do eye exercise regularly.

Food for Eyes Care tips

Close your eyes and then open it slowly and view an object in a long distance and then again close your eyes.

Now open and view an object very close to you. Repeat this eye exercise several times.

6. Beautiful Eye Care Tips Without Products

Make a paste of potato or make it in a grated form and apply it on your closed eyes. Leave this for about 15 minutes and wash your eyes.

Beautiful Eye Care Tips With potatoes

This is one of the best puffy eyes home remedies. Washing your eyes regularly before going to sleep can remove the dust, dirt and smokes particles on your eyes.

Follow these simple tips mentioned in eye care tips for beautiful eyes without makeup and get eye refreshment. Did you like this resource? Share it with your friends and show your love!

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