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If you want to treat your nails from simple to gorgeous then, a manicure can be the best option.

But you might want to know certain things regarding manicure if you are visiting a nail salon for the first time.

The time taken for a manicure depends on the type of manicure you are going for.

In this article we will discuss the different types of manicures and how long does a manicure takes but, before that let us find out what is manicure and how is it done.

Manicure What is That?

The beauty treatment done on our hand is known as a manicure. While performing the manicure procedure your manicurist will cut, shape, and fill your nails.

Your nails will appear to be neat and tidy after the cuticles are pushed back. Then, the manicurist will give you a hand massage and apply the nail paint of your choice.

People often want to get a manicure at home for convenience and comfort. So, you can also try homemade manicure without going to the salon.

But it will not give your nails that perfectly smooth and glossy look. There are different kinds of manicure you can go for in a salon.

Types of Manicures & How Long Does a Manicure Take?

Now as we know what a manicure is, let us discuss about the different kinds of manicure and how long does it take to complete a manicure process.

American Manicure

An American manicure is the same as the French manicure.

american mani nails

You can try out American manicure if you love to keep things neutral and simple.

Cost Starting from $30.
How long does it last?  2 to 3 weeks.
Time Needed 40 minutes to an hour.

Gel-Based Manicure

A gel manicure can be long-lasting as it does not require maintenance on a daily basis.

gel manicure

So, if you do not get time to visit a salon regularly then, you can go for the gel manicure.

Cost Starting from $25.
How long does it last?  2 to 3 weeks.
Time Needed A minimum of 45 minutes for a one-color gel manicure.

Paraffin (Oil) Manicure

Paraffin (oil) manicure is often done by people to hydrate their hands.

Paraffin (Oil) cure

Hot oils are used to make your nails soft and tender. You might also like: Dry Skin Around Nails: Know the Cause and How to Get Rid of It

Cost Starting from $40.
How long does it last?  From 1 to 2 weeks.
Time Needed Anywhere between fifty minutes.

French Manicure

If you are crazy about following the latest style then, the French manicure is the best option for you.

This manicure leaves a touch of white polish at the tip of your nails when the procedure is completed.

Cost Starting from $30.
How long does it last?  If done in regular polish it can last up to 7 days and 2 to 3 weeks if done in a gel.
Time Needed From 40 minutes to an hour.

Basic Manicure

A basic manicure is cheap compared to the other types.

basic Manicure

It looks good on every hand and needs no introduction. Also Read: What is the Difference Between Solar and Acrylic Nails

Cost Starting from $10 to $15.
How long does it last?  Up to 7 days.
Time Needed A minimum of 30 minutes.

Acrylic Overlay Manicure

In this manicure powdered polymer is used with a monomer of liquids to form acrylic.

acrylic overlay on natural nails

People with short nails can go for an acrylic overlay manicure to add length to their nails.

Cost Starting from $25.
How long does it last?  Up to 2 to 3 weeks.
Time Needed From 1hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Hot Stone Manicure

A hot stone manicure is done by using warm stones and oils for nourishment.

Hot Stone Manicure

It is a therapeutic manicure done during the service of a basic manicure.

Cost Starting from $40.
How long does it last?  The oil from your hands can be removed after removing the hot stone.
Time Needed Anywhere between 50 minutes.

So, these are some useful tips on manicure and how long does a manicure take. usually, the time is taken for a manicure to be completed ranges from 25 to 45 mins depending, on the types of manicure you are going for.

Your manicurist can provide you with any other queries you have. So, now enjoy your first manicure without hesitation.

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