7 Natural Remedies That Will Save You From Hives Completely

There is no denying that people always feel definitely fear about (urticaria) hives. In fact, hives or scientifically called urticaria are known as a sudden appearance of swollen and red patches on the skin layer. …

There is no denying that people always feel definitely fear about (urticaria) hives. In fact, hives or scientifically called urticaria are known as a sudden appearance of swollen and red patches on the skin layer.

Hive caused people so uncomfortable that they can enjoy their life to the fullest extent. In particular, we may feel itchy as well as burning during the time of infection.

Moreover, there are several reasons that drive people to the threat of hives such as stress, unbalance hormonal level.

However, the most common factor for hives is said to be a strong reaction to an allergy.

Specifically, your immune system is attacked by a certain number of things such as eggs, fish, medications and it releases histamine – the main reason for what you have to suffer from.

Although there is no record of people dying because of hives, this disease is still a nightmare for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it from the beginning.

7 Home Remedies for Hives All Over the Body

So What is the best natural remedy for urticaria? You can apply some simple home remedies to say goodbye to hives immediately without spending tons of time, money as well as energy.

1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

This ingredient is commonly found in many home remedy recipes including one for hives. In particular, the presence of anti-inflammatory effects on baking soda enables the disappearance of urticaria right after applying.

  • Prepare a bowl of warm water
  • Put a spoon of baking soda into it
  • Take a shower by using the solution in 30 minutes

2. Oatmeal

Another suitable home remedy is oatmeal. The combination of antibacterial and soothing qualities in oatmeal is believed to be beneficial for the treatment of hives. Moreover, oatmeal can also accelerate the healing process really well.


Get a mixture of oatmeal, cornstarch, and water with a 1:1:1 ratio until you have a thick paste

  • Use the paste to mask your skin
  • Wait for 20-25 minutes
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Repeat the process each day to day better outcome

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3. Ginger

We can always make a long list of ginger effects in our daily life. People make use of ginger to treat cold, stomach ache and especially get rid of hives. This wonderful ingredient is so beneficial for the fight against hives because it contains anti-inflammatory qualities.

Ginger is ingredient is so beneficial for the fight against hives

In particular, hives have mainly resulted from gene factors and these contributors are responsible for itchy feeling in your skin. A piece of good news is that ginger can address this problem well.

  • Extract juice from ginger
  • Add a spoon of brown sugar and a glass of vinegar into the solution
  • Have a little of it mix with water
  • Use it to cover your affected skin area in 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse off with clean water

4. Turmeric for Hives

If you are struggling with a serious state of hives, it is recommended that you take advantage of turmeric. In reality, turmeric supports your body a lot in relieving various symptoms caused by hives.

turmeric for chronic hives

Moreover, this natural home remedy can also stimulate the healing process well.

  • Get a spoon of turmeric powder to mix with a glass of milk
  • Consume the solution 2-3 times a day

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5. Nettle

This special kind of herb is really beneficial for the treatment of hives. In fact, nettle has anti-inflammatory as well as astringent qualities, therefore, it removes swelling and itchy feeling in your body perfectly.

  • Have some nettle leaves mix with a glass of boiling water
  • Steep the solution in 15-20 minutes
  • Strain it before adding some honey
  • Absorb the tea 3-4 times a day and enjoy better results

6. Home remedies for Urticaria with Mint

Mint is well known for its cooling property, therefore, it can act as a simple home remedy for hives. Particularly, the annoying symptoms caused by hives will quickly disappear owning to the assistance coming from the mint.


  • Crush some mint leaves
  • Use 2 spoons of processed leaves to steep with some boiling water
  • Leave it on 5 minutes
  • Strain the solution
  • Store it in the fridge
  • Allow your affected skin area to wash with the solution many times a day

Basil for Hives

No one is unfamiliar with basil because it has great impacts on many skin-related problems such as (urticaria) hives. In fact, this special herb will do well in struggling with itchy and inflamed sensations due to basil’s help.

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