Eating Healthy at Restaurants- 10 Tips That Can Truly Help

One of the most difficult times to adhere to a diet, or just keeping on a proper eating schedule is when you try eating healthy at restaurants. That is the time we lose control over …

One of the most difficult times to adhere to a diet, or just keeping on a proper eating schedule is when you try eating healthy at restaurants.

That is the time we lose control over portion sizes, the ingredients that go into the meals we eat and the way those meals are prepared.

It has been found that the average steak found in an American restaurant is 144% larger than recommended by the US government.

A dinner out may easily add up to 1000 calories, and that’s not including appetizers and desserts.  Some of these desserts may comprise a large percentage of your  recommend calories you’re allowed during a day.

Keeping on a healthy balanced diet will require special effort when eating in restaurants.

Eating health at restaurants

Some of Our Eating Healthy at Restaurants Ideas. These are a few ideas to eat a little healthier when you’re eating out:

Listen to your body

When you are full, stop eating and never gorge.  Take the leftovers home and consider it two meals for the price of one.

Use water as your beverage

You will actually enjoy it more than soda or other unhealthy drinks once you get used to it, and when you have an alcoholic beverage drink to parts water to one part alcohol.  If you need more, drink tea or coffee.  Drinking water does help you lose weight, too.

Pasta dish

If you order a pasta dish, have one with a tomato-based sauce rather than a cream-based sauce.  Tomato based obviously are vegetable based, and will have less calories and fat.

Cream-based soups likewise will be higher in fat.  If you do select the healthiest soup it should be an excellent, low calorie starter.

Grilled vegetables or fish

When you order grilled vegetables or fish, ask that they be grilled without oil or butter, or minimally in reduced quantities.



To use salad dressing and other sauces in smaller quantities, have them served in a separate bowl so you can use your own portion control. 

I know people who dip their fork into the dressing, then eat their salad with that small amount of dressing on their fork.  They hardly use any dressing at all.

Better options for whole grain foods are whole wheat breads and brown rice.  And be sure to go easy on the butter and oil.

When you order a baked potato, a better option than sour cream and butter is salsa.  It has fewer calories and still adds plenty of pizazz to your potato.

In addition, a baked potato is better than French fries, and steamed vegetables are better than any of them.

Preparing food which is baked, broiled, poached, steamed, or grilled will be significantly better than the fat-based cooking methods which are used in many eating places.  These are typically healthier and lower in calories.

Try bypassing the main course and go with a couple of appetizers or maybe soup and salad.  It could be just as filling and be much less than food than adding a main course, and should cost less as well.

If you opt for a dessert, order something that has berries and other fruit.  If you can agree with your dining partner to split a dessert you will be consuming half the calories.

You Don’t Have to Lose the Dining Experience When Eating Healthy at Restaurants.
You will need a little extra control to not blow your great eating regimen you’ve got yourself on when eating out.

It’s always fun to try new and interesting restaurants, and you don’t have to do it at the expense of your good health.

But sorry to say most dining establishments aren’t there to help us in our battle unless we ask for their help.

Another excellent option are delivery plans that can give you healthy prepared meals on a daily basis and let the dietitians sort through the calories.

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