5 Unique Colors That Match Burgundy Clothes for 2022

Burgundy is the deep red color ideal for fall. Several colors like rose, yellow, oranges combined with burgundy color can be used in a wedding during fall.

Burgundy colors sometimes appear to be purple as well. To create a burgundy color you will need to mix brown and red in the right proportion.

In this article, we will share with you some colors that go well with burgundy color. Burgundy color almost goes with anything.

So, you can easily play with colors of your choice while using a burgundy color cloth.

Some colors that go best with burgundy color cloth are as follows.

  1. Different shades of pink
  2. Pale almond or grey
  3. Yellow (mustard)

best with burgundy color cloth chart

5 Colors That Go With Burgundy Clothes

Now let us discuss some other shades that go well with burgundy color clothes.

Peach Color

The peach color is a sweet and light color that compliments the burgundy color.

burgundy with peach outfit

This is a wonderful wedding color combination. So, choose peach with burgundy color if you want to get that fresh and light look.

Pink with Burgundy

Generally pink is a color that matches most colors. So, you can definitely try out the shades of light or medium pink with burgundy color clothes.


To get that classy look during fall try to wear a pink coat with a burgundy color top and bottom. Also Read: Why Get The Thigh Gap?

Burgundy with Green

Sage green, Kelly green, and emerald green go well with burgundy color. During fall a sage green color combined with burgundy can look perfect.


On the other hand for summer or spring look you can try out Kelly green with burgundy color. And for winter a darker shade of green with burgundy can give you a perfect look to attend those Christmas parties.

The natural richness of dark green and burgundy can be a perfect combination. You might also like: Boho Style High Low Skirt Outfit for Crazy Girls

Go With Yellow Color

If you want to get that perfect fall look then combining yellow with burgundy can be a great idea.

yellow with burgundy outfit ideas for girls

It makes people think of the color of leaves in the fall. This combination can create a strong look which can be difficult to carry for some people.

yellow with burgundy can be a great idea

As both the colors are loud enough so, be proud if you can carry these colors together. Also read: What to Wear if You’re an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Navy Blue with Burgundy

A navy blue color combined with burgundy can give a rustic feel. A navy is a darker shade of blue that goes well during the wedding.

navy blue and burgundy outfit

Navy blue jeans can look perfect with burgundy color shoes. Sometimes colors like greens and ivories are used to pair up navy blue with burgundy color.

burgundy and navy blue outfit ideas for women

So these are some colors that go with burgundy color clothes. As burgundy color goes well with most of the colors so, you can play with colors.

To pick out a great nail color, interior designing, or a wedding color scheme burgundy color can be perfect for any occasion. So, I hope now you can find the best combination for yourself.

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