15 Trending Hairstyles to Make Big Foreheads Appear Smaller

A big forehead can make our face look bigger. So, people often search for hairstyles that can balance the proportion of their faces. Here are some best hairstyles for big foreheads to enhance your features. …

A big forehead can make our face look bigger. So, people often search for hairstyles that can balance the proportion of their faces.

Here are some best hairstyles for big foreheads to enhance your features. So, now get short hair, medium hair, long hair, a pixie cut, or medium-length curls that frames your face.

15 Best Hairstyles for Big Forehead

Although it sometimes becomes difficult to find a good haircut for big foreheads but here, are some easy and unique hairstyles for big foreheads.

Short Blonde Side Bangs

beautiful short blonde hair with side bangs
Image source vou_de_vermelho

You can go for this hairstyle if you have thin hair with a big forehead. The short blonde side bangs look best on fine hair. Your face and eyes can appear to be more attractive with these wispy layers that hit right around your cheekbones.

Face Framing Layers Haircut

The face-framing layers have transformative power and get easily adjusted to any pre-existing cut. These layers highlight your jawline and cheekbones and can be a good option for big foreheads.


beautiful volume boosting hairstyle for big forehead
image source jpmodesalon

Longer-length cuts compliments thick hair with lots of volumes. Natural volume of hair can redistribute the attention from big foreheads.

Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

a lady in green top has blonde medium hair with side swept bangs
image source alexandrmaslovsky

Side-swept bangs easily reduce the appearance of a large forehead. This haircut is easy to style and looks good on almost every face shape.

Lob With Fringe

a woman in black dress with big forehead has lob with fringe hair style
image source timm.morrison

Getting fringe can be a good option for those with big foreheads. Although some people do not want to get fringe as it makes their face look “cut off” but it can be quite suitable for people with big foreheads.

Loose Waves Hair

Beautiful Brunette Girl with loose waves medium hair
image source alexandrmaslovsky

Loose waves are best for those with long faces and big foreheads. This hairstyle is also very easy to maintain.

Asymmetric Bob With a Side Part

asymmetrical bob with deep side part hairstyle for big forehead
image source thebrooks_hairatelier

Asymmetric bob with a side part and tousled hair strands can be a great choice for those with huge foreheads. It can cover huge foreheads prominently.

Blunt Bangs and Long Hair

Young woman with blunt bangs long hair for big forehead
image source celladiggshair

The long hair and blunt bangs go perfectly with big foreheads and round faces. Your face looks longer as the straight lines from the long hair, cut the roundness in the cheeks. It covers big foreheads perfectly.

Medium Length Pixie Cut With Bangs

Image of European lovely woman with medium length pixie cut hair
image source samkanehair

Very short hair does not go well with a big forehead. So, to keep your hairstyle short and feminine you can go for a medium pixie with bangs. A pixie cut can help you get those long side-swept bangs.

Messy With Beachy Waves

beautiful young woman with messy beachy waves hair
image source artistry.by.abri

This hairstyle can add waves and volume to your hair. The messy side part easily covers the big forehead.

Medium Length Cut With Side Bangs

Beautiful Brunette Girl with medium haircut with side bangs
image source alexandrmaslovsky

You can get medium cut with side bangs if you do not want massive bangs to cover your big forehead. To frame your face add thin side bangs.

Fringe With Beachy Vibes

fringe with beachy vibes
image source leighmetrovisionhair

The fringe can be a good option for people with thin hair. The beachy vibes can perfectly cover the broad forehead.

Voluminous Layers

voluminous layers haircut
image source _lynnshairstudio

If you do not want to get those bangs to conceal your forehead then, the voluminous layers can cover up your big forehead and make you look cool.

Faux Bang Updo

Portrait of woman with beautiful faux bang hairstyle for big foreheads
image source jessicastylehair

You can get faux bangs by pulling out the ends of your ponytail from a wrapped bun. Updos can be a good choice to conceal your forehead.

Twisted Lace Braid

Beauty brunette girl with twist braid lace hair
image source olivialanesalon

A twisted lace braid looks good on anyone with a big forehead. This boho-chic hairstyle can cover up the maximum part of your forehead.

So, try out any of these amazing hairstyles and conceal your big forehead easily. Besides, covering up these hairstyles for a big forehead can enhance your look and frame your face in a flattering way.

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