We at Outfit ideas have tried 10 surprising fashion hacks and may assure you that these will definitely make your life easier!   10. Fixing a Zipper A pesky zipper can get in the way …

We at Outfit ideas have tried 10 surprising fashion hacks and may assure you that these will definitely make your life easier!



10. Fixing a Zipper

Fixing a ZipperA pesky zipper can get in the way of wearing a cute outfit or can just give you a headache when trying to fix it. From stuck zippers to free ones, there are many hacks to fix it.

A stuck zipper may sometimes feel like it’s caught in your shirt and may not come down at all, one quick fix is to rub a pencil tip on the teeth. You can also use oil-based substances like chapstick or a bar of soap.

Continue to rub the contents on the teeth as you slowly try to inch the zipper down. For those annoying zippers that won’t stay up when you button your pants, you can use a key ring to prevent an embarrassing situation from happening. Just slide a key ring through the zipper loop and pull it over the pants button

9. Expanding your Closet

Expanding your ClosetWhat girl doesn’t love to shop?! Shopping is all fun and games until you realize that your closet is swamped with clothes.

This makes it difficult to find all your t-shirts and blouses and a hassle to clean up. Well, the good part is that you don’t have to toss any clothes out with these tricks.

Nails baskets or catchalls on the inside of your door to store scarves, wallets or socks. You can also try staggering your rods to split up your closet space and organizing long sleeve clothes and short sleeve clothes.

Hang multiple garments in one spot by using soda can tabs to hold hangers-on multiple levels. This is an excellent way to maximize storage space!

8. Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks

Fixing your hair in the morning can be time-consuming, and we all have those days when our hair just won’t cooperate.

Thankfully, there are a few hacks that will help you go about your day. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, but if you’ve run out, then you also use cornstarch as a substitute.

Just sprinkle a little bit of it in your roots or oily areas and brush out your hair. If your ponytail is looking a little flat, you can place bobby pins in an upward direction and secure it in your hair tie to give your hair some perk.

As crazy as it sounds, a shot of vodka can also give your hair some shine. Most hair products already contain small doses of alcohol and this hack dates all the way to 1915

7. Shining Jewelry

Shining Jewelry

Long-time wear of fancy jewelry can sometimes cause it to tarnish and even rust if not stored properly. If only we were consistent with maintaining our jewelry as we are washing clothes.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to purchase jewelry cleaner to keep your accessories shiny, many household items will back the gloss to your favorite pieces.

Beer will shine solid gold and vodka will make diamonds sparkle. Just make sure your jewels are pure and don’t use a dark ale beer. Seltzer water will also make your gemstones look like brand new.

Just place them in club soda overnight and wipe them dry the next morning. Windex cleaner will also safely clean away grime and toothpaste is an easy way to spruce up any dull pieces. 

6. Removing Sweat Stains

Removing Sweat StainsEveryone sweats, and as girls, we hate to admit it, but we do get sweat stains on our clothes too. While throwing it in the washing machine is always the first solution, sometimes the sweat stains aren’t completely gone.

But the good news is, there are probably a few items in your kitchen cabinet that will help get rid of those visible stains.

One quick hack is using lemon juice, just scrub the stain will a lemon slice and water before tossing it in the washing machine. Baking soda is also another quick trick, just make a paste with water and let it sit on the affected stain for a few minutes before laundering.

Other neat hacks include table salt with hot water, crushed aspirin tablets mixed with hot water and even a few sprinkles of meat tenderizer!

5. Denim Tricks

Denim Tricks

If your favorite pair of denim jeans have become too short, don’t throw them away! You can simply roll up the cuffs or cut the pant legs to make cute shorts.

If your new dark jeans turn your hands blue, you can set the dye of washing them a tablespoon of salt. To prevent your denim jeans of fading, don’t add them to your wash. Instead, seal your dirty jeans in a clear bag and stick it in the freezer for 24 hours.

The cold temperature will remove any unwanted odor and kill the bacteria. If you feel some sore inner thigh chafing, you can hand sew some fabric patches inside the pants legs to minimize the rubbing.

4. Nail Polish Hacks

Nail Polish Hacks

Applying nail polish can be fun, but waiting for your nails to dry can be a pain and chipped nail polish can ruin any manicure, but there are simple ways to ensure a long-lasting manicure.

No girl has the patience to wait for nails to dry and it can be frustrating when we accidentally smudge the polish while it’s still wet. Well by dunking your hands in ice water after you’re done painting them can instantly dry your manicure in minutes.

You can also spray your nails with an oil spray to prevent bumps and to set your polish. Also soaking your nails in a water and vinegar solution before your manicure will remove and strips of moisture and oil in the nail bed, allowing you to prevent bubbles and helping the polish to stick.

3. Keeping your Purse Clean 

Keeping your Purse Clean Most of us women invest in a lot of money buying the newest designer handbags. Proper protection is a must when it comes to keeping our favorite purse looking new, but there’s bound to be an accident or two.

Especially when it comes to leather bags, stains and grease can be difficult to clean. It is important to treat spills right away to prevent it from being permanently stained.

For really stubborn stains, you can try matching a shoe polish to the color of your bag by buffing a small amount over the affected area and never use water on grease stains, and it’ll spread it around even more.

To get rid of lingering scents in your handbag put a small open container of baking soda in your bag and then carefully place it in a pillowcase overnight. The baking soda should absorb any odors.

2. Getting Wrinkles out of Clothe

Getting Wrinkles out of Clothe

Wrinkled clothes are a pain, and there are days when we are in a rush and don’t have time to iron. So what do you do? Well, luckily there are genius hacks for straightening out your clothes.

Hair straighteners aren’t just for frizzy hair anymore, use a flat iron to press our your shirt collar smoothly. You can also banish wrinkles by blow-drying the fabric.

Just hold the dryer at least two inches away to avoid scorching your short. Last but not least, you can steam your clothes while you shower.

Close the door and seal all the windows in your bathroom. Hang up your wrinkled clothes on the shower rod, and after you’re done showering, your outfit should be wrinkle-free

1. Bra Hacks

Bra HacksA bra can either be a girl’s best friend or our worst nightmare. But wearing a bra or shopping for them doesn’t have to be so complicated.

There are many hacks in prolonging your bra’s use and keeping your straps in place. Instead of purchasing a racerback bra, you can use a paperclip to hold the straps together temporarily.

Also after washing your bras, lay them out flat to dry. Putting them in the dryer can cause them to wear away faster and hanging them up can cause them to lose shape.

Backless dresses are great to wear during the spring and by sewing an old bra into the cups is perfect for built-in support without the worries of actually wearing a visible bra!

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